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Bracelets For You

Captain’s Log  4,316

Many thanks to those who supported yesterday’s entry with a comment.  Blessings to all who shared the link on Facebook and other social networking sites.  In these days of petty arguments about who should or should not be in the White House or trembling in fear when the clerk behind the counter at the liquor store is from the Middle East, the fact of the matter is what’s happening in central Africa is FAR more important than any of that.  And yes, there are other things happening around the world that are heinous and cruel, but we have to start somewhere.  Starting with the Kony 2012 project is doing SOMETHING instead of  just sitting around waiting for someone else to take action.  If you want change, you must BE change.  Stop flapping your lips and complaining.  Get off your ass and find the front line of peaceful yet forceful change.  I dare you. 

My family will be in Vegas celebrating Big Sister Mia’s birthday when the big day of Kony 2012 happens.  It should be interesting to see what the organizers do and how long the posters will stay up.

I am ordering the bracelets on Saturday.  10 of them.  Bless you all.  For those who live out of my area, please email me your snail mail address.  poolagirl at aol dot com.  Many thanks.

I showed the film to a staff member at the museum, and she had a brilliant suggestion.  Her idea is to use geocaching to spread the word about Kony.  Excellent!  I will make up some small information sheets to include in the caches large enough for such things.  Grand plan.

I went out to dinner with that staff member last night to thank her for helping me with some special projects at the museum.  We had a lot of fun, and then I spied the famous green cake that people seem to go crazy over.  It is made from pandan leaves that turn the batter and the coconut green.  It must be an aquired taste. 

Those green chunk things in the frosting (between layers) are slippery pieces of coconut.  And yes, we ate it.  We ate it because it was so much fun to figure out what we were eating. 

Obviously, I don’t have a very sophisticated palate.  Too bad, so sad.  The veggie chicken lemongrass was absolutely out of this world!  The cake….not so much.   


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