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What’s in a Name?

Captain’s Log  4,314

I think when people change their names they need to put out a press release so you know what to say.  WHY do people change their names?  I can understand changing your name if your parents called you…..Hortense or something.  But come on!  Here’s an example of what I am talking about.  Just in the past few years…..

Emily became Joy who became Emily Joy.

Jill became Jilly who became Grace who became Raphaela.  Raphaela?

Elaine became Valerie who became Val who became Deva.  Could have been Diva too.  Knowing her.

What is up with that?  I am not talking nicknames here, I am talking serious and legal name changes.

What is it THIS week?

I just don’t understand.  And most people wait to do these changes after their parents die.  Isn’t that interesting?   Is there some hidden fear that changing their name when their parents are alive would be too insulting?  Men often adopt their middle names but I don’t think they change for real unless they are going to be a movie star.  John Wayne’s birth name was Marion Morrison.  Where’s the swagger in that?  He needed to change his name.   

The variations on my name are simply that.  Variations.  A variation is not a legal change.  The name on my legal documents is the name I was given at birth.

Here are some honest to God real names….

Noah Biggerstaff

Bonnie Beaver

Susan Supple

Ticky Hedley-Dent

Dr. Gary Flake

Riona Booze

Alfred Wanka

Young-Bum Kim

Anil Dikshit

Those people should be allowed to change their names. 


And on another note……

I stole this from Rebekah on Facebook.  She is always posting things that make me think and wonder….and often laugh until I wheeze.  That is the case here.


I can do that.  Actually, I do that a lot without even trying.

It’s a cold and blustery day here in San Diego.  Rain is predicted for this afternoon and into the night.  So much for the weekend paradise moments.  March is our rainy season here, so this comes as no surprise.  Eight more days until my friends come!  That’s all the really matters.  And seeing Jimmy Buffet Saturday night.  That is way cool too.  Must go unearth a Hawaiian something or other so I fit in with the other kids.


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