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Milestone Reached

Captain’s Log  4,313

I achieved something yesterday.  Something big.  Well, I am not going to win a Nobel Prize or anything, but I reached a milestone that is quite meaningful in my own small realm.  I found my 200th geocache.  When I look at the folks who have found 15,000 or more, I know this is small potatoes.  But small potatoes are better than no potatoes.

Roomie was with me for this glorious occasion.  I think she actually spied the cache because she was the first one to the site, but she was kind enough to pretend not to see it.  She wanted the thrill to be all mine.  Bless her.

We had just come from cache #199 that was called Boogers.  Not sure why.  Nothing boogerish about an Altoids tin wrapped in tape, but what do I know?  After finding Boogers, I checked the app and learned that Grenades was about eight blocks away.  So off we went to find it.  I wanted it to be a cool one.  My 100th cache was a giant plastic pill stuffed in the scree (neener) near the bay.  My 200th cache had to be as good if not better.

It was obvious the cache was hidden in the blooming ice plant near a telephone pole.  Good news.  Ice plant is friendly – unlike cactus which had a tendency to be irascible (neener) and is often found in areas with equally irascible critters.  My 200th cache was located in a lovely neighborhood (Point Loma) with nicely manicured yards and no clunkers parked in the driveways.

A rubber grenade geocache!  How sweet!

The only problem was the way the warnings were written.  It appears to say NOT TOY when viewed from this angle.  What the cache owner meant to say is NOT REAL.  Oh well.  What are the chances of finding a real hand grenade in the ice plant in Point Loma?  Pretty darn slim.

Making a bang for cache #200

I decided to color coordinate my outfit for yesterday’s adventure.  I wanted to look good in case the paparazzi were there.  Pirate pin on the hat for good meas-aaaaaarh.

How much orange is too much?

And I tend to prattle on about my geocaching shoes.  These were a gift from my crazy mother a few years back.  Until I started geocaching, I could not imagine a use for such ridiculous shoes.  But now…they are perfect.  I’m sure they have prevented countless busted ankles by now.


Good for scampering

The official geocaching site doesn’t consider 200 caches a milestone achievement.  You have to reach 250 to please them.  Bah!  I am truly delighted with my rubber hand grenade geocache, and I intend to smile.


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