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Seaweed Snacks Suck

Captain’s Log  4,309

Sorry.  I can’t help myself.  One more Angelina leg picture.  Now, she has her own bathroom identifier sign.


For female leg model wannabees…….or…..very ENDOWED drag queens

After a trying day at the office yesterday, the business manager sent me home.  I love my business manager!  On the way, I stopped at the store to get coffee beans, but then I spied the seaweed at the check-out.  Most mainstream stores sell tabloids, pre-paid phone cards, and candy bars at the check out.  Trader Joe’s sells seaweed.

So, after hearing scads (neener) of people shout the praises of Trader Joe’s Roasted Seaweed Snack (and walking by the racks on countless occasions), I decided to give it a whirl.  In the privacy of my car, I opened the package.  I had not eaten lunch and by 4:00, I was very hungry.  I thought the seaweed might just do the trick.  Hmmmmmm…..

It didn’t come close to doing the trick!  UGH!  I must confess, this was the second “take” with the camera.  The first one was too gross.  I said, “Oh shit!  YUCK!” with my mouth full.  I decided to be more demure and try it again.

Just because I don’t eat meat doesn’t mean I am going to like this crap.  It smells worse than rotting kelp on the beach!  If this is what I would have to endure to eat sushi (even the veggie kind), I will give my ticket to another rider.  GROSSSSSS!  Thank goodness I had bought hummus and pita chips (hippie food).  That hummus certainly helped get rid of the nasty taste.  GAG!  I have often stared at food wrapped in seaweed but have been reluctant to taste it.  Now I know why.  My instincts were spot on.

I don’t like seaweed but I love cilantro.  But nobody roasts cilantro in salt brine and tries to pass it off as a snack either.  There is a huge difference.  Plus, it just looks friendly.

Cilantro.  Friendly and green…making Mexican food happy for centuries.

Gross as hell!  Plus, who would serve this crap in a glass serving dish?  It’s SEAWEED, fer Chrissakes!

I forgot to mention there was a silica gel pack in the container.  Last time I checked, those are usually put inside SHOES and PURSES and CAMERA CASES.  Do you really want to eat FOOD that contains a silica gel pack?????   I almost opened it because I thought it was salt.  But all the salt in the world couldn’t make this stuff taste any better.

I have a twirling day scheduled at work.  I will twirl from one moment to the next, rarely stopping for air or nourishment.  Time to get moving.


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