Goin’ to Ar-Kan-Saw

Welcome, search engine people!  I have no idea why this page is so popular, but it is.  Stay a spell.

Git ready! YEE HAWWWWWWWW!  We are going to Arkansas for the Great Javelina Hunt of 2010!  Let’s have the band introduce this with a rousing rendition of Arkansas Traveler!

Git yerself over here iffin’ ya wanna know more about it! CLICKIE HEER to see what it’s all about!  We’ll be havin’ this here wing-ding at Rancho Elwood (Peggy’s horse ranch) in Rogers, Arkansas!  Details TBD.

Until then, feast yer eyes on some real purty pictures.

I’d also like yew to meet our entertainment directors.  They are real nice fellers who love funny hats almost as much as I do.  They sure like to lead singin’ and story time.  There will be heap of that goin’ on.  Save yer pennies now!  This one is gonna be fun!  Peggy is plannin’ some crafts usin’ road apples (horse turds) and I wanna lead a workshop about the art of selectin’ the right bucket fer yer haid.


Captain’s Log  3,552


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15 responses to “Goin’ to Ar-Kan-Saw

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  2. capitolady

    gads those pics are great!

  3. Now if we could find Burt Reynolds from back in the day of Deliverence…it could be perfect….oh oh…I think I hear a piggie squealing! LOL

  4. I can’t go either. Can’t you hunt Wayne Newton or something in Vegas?

  5. I wish I could come…. *sigh*

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